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July 30, 2009

Flatties and Rockfish with Skip’s Charters

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Getting skunked is just part of the game

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“I need a cup of coffee…” I thought as I continued down Coastal Highway. It was 2:30 am, and I had just spent four hours on Indian River Inlet’s north jetty. My back was a little bit stiff, and my pride was running a little bit low from the skunking I had just taken. It wasn’t a total skunking however, I had a chance. As the tide was just about slack, I had a very nice hit on my live eel. I was fishing it weightless and reeling very slowly when the fish hit violently. In my surprise, I reacted too quickly and pulled the eel from the fish’s mouth. Five minutes later, the guy to my left caught a nice 38 incher. I shook my head—sometimes that’s just how it goes. (more…)

July 23, 2009

A blanket of flatties

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“Just one more drift…” I kept telling myself. “Why not?” I put my outboards in gear and headed back up current. Before I knew it, we reached the head of our drift, dropped baits in the water, and before long two rods were bent over with fish. I looked at my first mate and smiled, we had two happy anglers on board with another pair of flounder headed to the deck. After a couple moments of unhooking and picture taking, we dropped the flatties back in the water and watched them dive down to the depths. The charter probably should have been over, but it was time to head back up current for “just one more drift.”

July 15, 2009

You never know what you’re gonna get.

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“Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates…” some famous words, spoken by one of my all time favorite movie characters—Forest Gump. “You never know what you’re gonna get.” Though Forest was without a doubt a very successful shrimp boat captain, chances are his profound statement was never intended to be applied to fishing. However, in my experience (and I’m sure many of yours as well) his words are definitely applicable to the world of fishing in general, as well as specifically here in Ocean City.
Those of you who have been around Delmarva for a while now, know that fishing is never boring here. Most saltwater fish are migratory, and our location along the coast puts us in a unique place to intercept many coldwater and warm water species. Summer gets very interesting as temperatures warm—fish move and begin to mix. As Forest would say, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” (more…)

July 7, 2009

A little reminiscing

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This past week I was fortunate enough to spend a little time going through some old photographs that I hadn’t looked at in years. I was rummaging through my office, when I came upon on an old picture album that had some hunting and fishing photos from my youth. Once I got past the initial shock and awe of how much better looking I was back then, the wave of nostalgia finally hit me and I began to reminisce about some of my past experiences in the outdoors.

July 1, 2009

Chomp, chomp.

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Wow, what a tough week to be a soft plastic shad!—or a live spot for that matter. Every time I went fishing this past week my bait and plastic lure supply got smaller and smaller. Tons of plastic shads chomped in half, right behind the hook…and the poor spot, honestly, I sometimes feel bad for them. They seem so content when I set them loose to find me a trophy rockfish—only to come back in horror, like they have just been to a terrifying picture show.

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